Lest We Forget

We pay our respects and honour those who have dedicated their lives to serve our nation. The following names are of the local Lacombe soldiers who lost their lives while serving in our armed forces.

Notice to Reader: the list above matches the Lacombe Legion list including 70 soldiers from the First World War who perished. The Lacombe Cenotaph includes 72 names. The Lacombe & District Historical Society has included the 2 names missing here for further research to better understand the decision-making of the Lacombe Lest We Forget Club.

Our Annual Field of Remembrance

Since 2020, the Lacombe & District Historical Society has been honoured to host the annual Field of Remembrance.
We invite the community to join us as we honour and remember those who lost their lives while serving in our Armed Forces. Visitors will be able to experience rows of white crosses representing the soldiers from Lacombe who lost their lives.

The Field of Remembrance will be in two places in 2021:
at the Lacombe Legion, and at the Michener House Museum.

The Field is scheduled to be open from 9am to 5pm, with guests encouraged to visit in the evenings and on weekends at their leisure.
Please visit the event on our website or social media for more details.