Community Exhibits

The Lacombe Museum hosts a rotating schedule of both rented and locally curated exhibits in the Flatiron Building Museum year-round. We invite the community to be involved in our locally curated exhibits by loaning items to display, contributing to research, creating art related to an exhibit topic, suggesting exhibit topics, and more. This page will display any ongoing exhibit callouts.

Exhibit Callouts

The Lacombe Museum invites our community to submit items for consideration for the 2025 exhibit, Treasures. Community members of all ages can contribute to this exhibit. We are calling on our community to interpret “treasure” in any way that they see fit whether the item in question is a precious heirloom, the pride of your collection, items connected to important memories, something that you found or were gifted…if the item is interesting or important to you in any way that item is a treasure! Special rock, beloved record, or a photo of grandma that is lovingly centred in your home – these are all treasures that can be contributed to the exhibit.

Treasures would be loaned to the Lacombe Museum for the duration of the Treasures exhibit.

If you have a treasure that you want to submit for consideration please send the following information to [email protected] or drop it off in person at the Flatiron Building Museum:

  • A photo of your treasure
  • A short description of your treasure (especially if it is not obvious in the photo)
  • A short explanation of why this item is a treasure to you
  • Background information on your treasure: where did you get it, how long have you had it, any anecdotes concerning your treasure
  • Your name and contact information

Heritage Exhibit Proposals

For our Community Members:

Please use the following form to provide suggestions to the Lacombe Museum team, telling us what types of exhibitions and topics you’d like to see exhibited at LDHS (ie. “exhibits regarding the Lacombe Hog”, “exhibits focusing on the changes in technology”, “exhibitions for children”, etc.).
Please note, there is no annual deadline for Heritage Exhibit Proposals. Our Exhibit Committee appreciates and reviews all suggestions received.