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Lacombe Sports Hall of Fame

In celebration of the Allan Cup being held in April, 2019 in Lacombe at the Gary Moe Sportsplex, the Lacombe & District Historical Society is preparing a Sports Hall of Fame with some of our favourite images from the Michener House Museum & Archives. 

The Lacombe Sports Hall of Fame will include photos, bammers and posters showcasing our rich history in sports; Lacrosse, soccer, baseball, skating and curling were among the early sports that were popular prior to the 1900s. 

The temporary exhibit will be on display from April 7th to 14th at the Gary Moe Sportsplex. 

Lacrosse, soccer, baseball, skating and curling were among the early sports that were popular prior to the 1900s. Hockey and skating started out on outdoor rinks till the first rink was built in 1900.

The project will highlight the achievements of members of the community showing some of our very best.

Exhibit on display: April 2019

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 Virtual Exhibits

Lest We Forget: Our Brave Hearts 1914-1918

In the early 20th century, a series of events transpired, the consequences of which would influence the paths of nations for decades afterwards. Tensions that had been smouldering on the international stage for years finally came to a head in 1914, leading to the outbreak of the First World War, the first truly industrial war. Massive changes changes took place at international and national levels, but also in the hearts and homes of every community in Canada. The world would never been the same again.

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The Battle of Vimy Ridge: April 9th – 12th, 1917

The events of April 9th – 12th, 1917 have become one of the central stories in Canada’s journey from colony to full nationhood. These dates mark the days in which the Canadian Corps, united for the first time, captured the prominent French landmark known as Vimy Ridge. But what actually happened during those days? And how did Lacombe’s soldiers fare this far-away battle? And how did this one battle fit in with the larger Allied plans of Spring 1917? This temporary exhibit seeks to answer these questions, giving visitors a fuller appreciation of the battle that became an iconic part of the Canadian national identity.

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Father Albert Lacombe: 1827—1916

Father Albert Lacombe was a prominent Catholic missionary in early Alberta as well as the namesake of the city of Lacombe. In honor of the 100th anniversary of his death, the Lacombe and District Historical Society is pleased to present this virtual exihibit depicting his early life and education; move to Alberta; work with First Nations, healthcare, settlers, railways; as well as his later life and honors of this influential individual.

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National Context, Local Needs

Featuring the Lacombe Experimental Station, which has been a part of Lacombe and the surrounding area for over 100 years, this exhibit traces the history of a vital aspect of the economic, agricultural, and social community of the area. Not only does this exhibit depict the foundations of the Experimental Farms system, but visitors will also catch a glimpse of the daily lives of some of the early workers at the Station and the local importance of having an Experimental Station in Lacombe.

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