The Lacombe Museum Collections document the history and culture of Lacombe and Central Alberta – our Collections represent a broad sample of materials directly related to the development of the surrounding Lacombe region.
The museum’s collection was started over 50 years ago by our founder, Wes Jackson as the Maski-pitoon Historical Society. The original goal was to fill the Michener House Museum with objects to tell the story of Roland Michener; and other influential people, places and events which helped shape the community. Over the years, the mission, vision, and mandate, as well as the Lacombe Museum Collections, have continued to grow. With a refreshed focus on building a resource of experiences and inspiration, the Permanent Collections of the Lacombe & District Historical Society house over 40,000 items, half of which are classified as archival materials and are in our Archives.
The Collections is broken into the following categories:

Art & Culture

The Art & Culture Collection includes clothing and textiles; music; & artwork from local, national and international artists.

Michener Legacy

The Michener Legacy Collection includes artefacts, photographs and records from Roland’s early life; political life; and both pre and post his position as Governor General of Canada.

Military History

The Military History Collection includes war-related items such as uniforms, medals and equipment.

Natural History

The Natural History Collection includes the museum’s herbarium specimens and geological artefacts.

Western Canadian

The Western Canadian Collection includes houseware; sports memorabilia; commercial and domestic materials; & agricultural machinery and equipment.

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As an Accredited Museum by the Alberta Museum Association, we are bound by International, National and Provincial Museum Standards with the stewardship of the items in our care.