Through the Years | The Kanngiesser Building

Kanngiesser Building Lacombe

History of the Building The building now known to Lacombe residents as the Kanngiesser Building originally had a different name. It used to be known as the Urquhart Block, after Andrew Urquart who built it in 1907. It is located on the Flatiron Block in Lacombe’s historic downtown. Due to the placement of the Calgary & Edmonton Trail and the railway, the Flatiron Block is triangular in shape. This led to some unique construction opportunities. During the commercial boom in the 1880s and 1890s, numerous merchant businesses moved onto Flatiron Block. All the buildings were small, single- or two-story wooden … Read More

Reflections on Vimy

What Happened and What Does it Mean? The First World War in 1917 The Great War was now well into its 3rd year and neither sweeping operations nor large scale attacks had brought the break-though that would end the war. The great costs of industrial warfare and the difficulty of holding captured ground had become obvious. However, lessons learned through the bloody Somme Offensive in 1916 were put to use and helped make the Canadians’ success at Vimy Ridge possible.   The Canadian offensive at Vimy Ridge is shown here, as well as the advance across the Douai Plain and the … Read More